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About Us

About Us

DUCCII was officially launched on June 2021, marking the beginning of our journey. The inception took place during the peak of the COVID pandemic, and we navigated the challenges by establishing the foundations through various lockdowns. Our team worked diligently from our home offices scattered across the United Kingdom.

DUCCII enterprise has been launched, introducing a plan that empowers our partners to oversee their entire card fleet from a single, user-friendly dashboard. Our cloud-based management system provides comprehensive control over all your cards, allowing you to make quick updates to profile details, incorporate new media, deactivate cards, and access analytics—all from one convenient screen.

DUCCII  enterprise is an intelligent and straightforward system that delivers a powerful impact. Our comprehensive security suite is designed to safeguard your data, ensuring its safety and security. As part of our strategic moves, we have transitioned all production to  the UK.

With a rapidly expanding customer base and a commitment to fostering local employment, we proudly welcomed our first employee. Fast forward our growth has exceeded expectations, necessitating the recruitment of 6 additional team members.

We are eagerly anticipating the continued growth of DUCCII and are thrilled to have you join us on this exhilarating journey!

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